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These changeable earrings are long and dangly. They are perfect for wearing casually or for a dressy night out. They feature a circle with 2 interlocked squares. 

1. Wear both front and back rhombus earrings in the front of the ear for a classy statement.

2. Wear just the front rhombus stud earring and let the circle and the bigger rhombus hanging for a simple and fresh look. 
3. Add the back rhombus earring for a special and unique look!

Go ahead and inspire yourself! Pair them together for a fashionable statement or wear them individually in a laid back attitude!

⎔ Material: Silver 925 Or Brass 
⎔ Finish: Platinum-Plated, Gold-Plated or Black Rhodium-Plated

◎ Dimensions 
Small rhombus (front earring): 2.5 x 2.5 cm (outer dimension) 
Big rhombus (back earring): 3 x 3 cm (outer dimension) 
Circle: 4 x 4 cm (outer diameter) 
Length (short version): 6 cm 
Length (long version): 8.5 cm

◎ Every item is sent in a beautiful kraft paper box, ready to give it as a gift to your beloved ones or yourself!

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