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Cafe del Cielo

I am Luisa the founder of Café del Cielo. I was born in Colombia and have strong roots in the coffee region where part of my family still lives. Playing with my cousins on the coffee farms, the sound of the birds chirping every morning and the smell of the coffee blossom are some of the loveliest memories of my childhood.
After many years of living in Germany, during a visit to my family and without searching, I found a tiny, neglected coffee farm with the most beautiful view. During the last 4 years, my team and I have been working hard to transform that little coffee farm into a sustainable farm, where nature and people can thrive together in harmony.
Our coffee is produced with ethical and sustainable standards on our tiny coffee farm in Filandia, Colombia, and it is delivered directly to you (end consumer) in Europe. Thereby shortening radically the supply chain. This system allows us to use regenerative agricultural practices and pay a fair salary to our employees.
Café del Cielo is motivated by the conviction that the consumption of coffee must undergo a radical change. It seeks to demonstrate that coffee can be produced in harmony with nature, that we can heal the earth bit by bit, and give people a chance.
Want to see what is going on at the farm? check our Instagram out.